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William H. Harrison, DDS

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Teeth Whitening



This patient – a regular coffee drinker – was unhappy with the extensive yellowing/staining to his teeth. He wanted to whiten them for a brighter, sharper, more aesthetically pleasing smile.


Removing these stains requires a relatively simple whitening procedure. There are two ways to whiten teeth without changing their shape – administering an in-office treatment or providing a kit for an in-home treatment. For the in-office treatment, we power bleach your teeth, which takes approximately one hour. It’s very quick and convenient, and the results are often very dramatic. For the in-home procedure, a patient wears custom or generic trays filled with a whitening solution for 60 to 90 minutes in the convenience of their home. Treatments can vary from one to multiple times, depending upon the strength of the whitening solution and desired results. The time it takes to whiten your teeth and the amount they will whiten will vary from individual to individual. The in-home options are ideal for patients who prefer convenience or are looking for a lower cost option.


The patient in this case chose an in-home whitening treatment. This consisted of wearing custom-fitted trays filled with a whitening solution several times over a two-week period.


After completing the recommended treatment, the patient’s teeth were many shades whiter – a dramatic change from their original state. He commented how easy the in-home treatment was, and was pleased with the affordable cost.

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