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Extractions (Oral Surgery)


Tooth Extractions Don't Have to Feel Like Pulling Teeth

We make every effort to help ensure your comfort during and after a tooth extraction through appropriate use of anesthetics and pain medications. Depending on the situation and your oral history, teeth can be removed simply or surgically. If the tooth is visible, our dentists will perform a simple extraction which involves removing the tooth after applying a pain reduction medication. If the tooth is broken down or not exposed, we perform a surgical extraction by making an incision into the gum or dividing the tooth.

Although the idea of pulling teeth sounds painful, it's sometimes necessary for your overall dental health. Our dentists perform tooth extractions for a variety of reasons, including:

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    Teeth are blocked from coming in

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    A tooth is severely damaged or decayed and cannot be restored

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    A tooth is impacted or partially erupted

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    In preparation for orthodontics/braces

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    Wisdom teeth

One of the most common extraction treatments we perform is wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that typically emerge in your late teens or early twenties. In some cases, there simply isn’t room in the mouth for these teeth. When your wisdom teeth first start to appear, your dentist can determine whether or not extraction will be necessary.

Only your dentist can determine whether or not you need to have a tooth removed. If you have concerns regarding your teeth, contact your Park Dental dentist today.


Post-Treatment Care

You may experience some discomfort after a tooth extraction. Download our post-treatment care advice to learn what you can do to promote healthy healing following an extraction.
Wisdom Teeth Videos
Removal of Impacted Wisdom Toothplay button

Removal of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Post-Op: Wisdom Tooth Extractionplay button

Post-Op: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Extraction Videos
Extraction: Plaque & Tartarplay button

Extraction: Plaque & Tartar

Extraction: Unchecked Decayplay button

Extraction: Unchecked Decay

Extraction: Traumaplay button

Extraction: Trauma

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