Dental Implants

We surgically place and restore dental implants to replace missing natural teeth.  This may be for a denture, a bridge, or a single tooth. Every situation is different for each patient, but often the preferred treatment for tooth replacement is the dental implant.  The dental implant is the most natural feeling way to restore missing teeth and, in theory, the longest lasting restoration. 

A dental implant is placed into the jaw as a substitute for a missing tooth root.  There is a waiting period for the bone to heal around the titanium post before a tooth can be attached and restored to the implant post.  Dental implants can support single or multiple crowns or stabilize a denture.  Ask your dentist if an implant is an option for you.

We will complete a thorough evaluation to determine the best possible treatment for you, which may be administered by one of the following Park Dental general dentists or an outside specialist.



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