Paying for Your Care

Our patients use dental insurance and benefit plans, credit or debit cards, same-day cash/check payment savings, and payment plan options to pay for their care. Read More »

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We are committed to working with you to make your dental care affordable. We have a variety of ways you can pay for your care.

Dental Insurance and Benefit Plans

We’re here to help you appropriately utilize the dental insurance benefits your employer provides or that you bring to us. As a service to our patients, we work with most dental plans, whether or not we are in network. As a courtesy to you, we will submit your claim to your dental insurance provider. Talk to us if you are changing jobs or dental insurance providers. See Insurance 101 for more.

Same-Day Cash Savings

For patients without dental insurance or a benefit plan, we offer a 5% savings for those who pay in full on the day of service with cash or check.

Patients 60 years and older without dental insurance or a benefit plan are eligible to receive an additional 5% savings (total of 10%) for prepayment or full payment by cash or check on the day of treatment.

Medical or Health Spending Account (Flex Spending Account)

Some of our patients have flexible spending accounts through their employers. Patients can use the money they have set aside in these accounts for dental expenses not paid for by insurance. We are happy to assist our patients by providing the necessary documentation for reimbursement.

Payment Plans

Many of our patients who do not have a dental benefit plan use payment plan options through Wells Fargo Health Advantage®.

Credit or Debit Card

Park Dental accepts debit cards and most major credit cards.

Additional Questions About Paying For Your Care

We know that details about how to pay for your care can sometimes be confusing. Call your local Park Dental practice with any questions or concerns you may have. Also see Payment Options FAQs.

Electronic Billing Statements

We're pleased to offer our patients the option to receive their statements electronically. If you are interested in signing up for electronic statements, please refer to the how-to instructions found below.

How to Enroll in Electronic Statements

Online Bill Pay

Park Dental is pleased to offer our patients the ability to easily pay their bill online. For instructions on how to enroll in online bill pay, please reference the directions below. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact your Park Dental practice. The contact information for your practice can be found in the top left corner of your Park Dental statement.

More Information About Online Bill Payment

A Guide to Your Statement

  • Area to fill out when paying with a
    credit card.
  • Date statement was printed.
  • Date payment is due.
  • Patient account number.
  • Amount due from patient.
  • Please call for questions about your
  • Responsible party name and address.
  • Description of account activities.
  • Estimated portion covered by insurance
    (an estimate only and not a guarantee)
  • Payments/adjustments received.
  • Back of statement; please make
    any address or insurance changes here.
  • Credit Policy; for more details on these
    policies, contact your Park Dental Practice.

Information On The Back Of Your Statement:


  1. All charges are the full responsibility of the account holder.
  2. This statement indicates patient responsibility in the “Please Pay” section.
  3. If you have insurance, we will be happy to file claims for you and assist you in receiving payment of
    legitimate claims. However, if your insurance is slow to pay, or disallows or denies your claim, payment
    of the account is the account holder’s responsibility.
  4. The account holder is responsible for all account balances older than 90 days, regardless of insurance
  5. Accounts outstanding more than 90 days from treatment will be charged 0.67% interest per month, or
    8% annum.
  6. A $30 service charge will be applied for checks that are returned for any reason.


The Federal Trust In Lending Act requires prompt corrections on billing errors. If your bill is in error, follow these
steps to ensure a prompt reply and to preserve your rights:

  1. Write or type your statement inquiry on a separate piece of paper that can be attached to the statement in question, and mail it to us so that we can receive it within 60 days of the statement date.
  2. Include a clear explanation of the error and why you believe there may be an error.
  3. BE SURE to identify yourself by name, account number and address.
  4. BE SURE to state what you believe is the dollar amount of the error.

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