Patient-Centered Care

We provide quality care that is necessary and appropriate – the care that is right for you.

patient-centered dental care

Service: We are patient centered in all our decisions and all actions.

Our approach to dental care begins with a thorough, comprehensive examination. We recommend a treatment plan to meet your needs and discuss how to approach that treatment, keeping you at the center of the decision-making process.

Our patients often request elective services like teeth whitening, veneers, and composite (white) fillings. We work with you to produce the desired results because we want you to look good and feel good about your smile.

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Excellence: We strive for the highest level of clinical care and personal service.

You will receive quality care from well-trained doctors and team members. Our quality assurance and peer review programs help ensure high standards of care are upheld. Our facilities and processes meet or exceed state and federal standards.

Professionalism characterizes the way our doctors and team members treat their patients. We are proud of the excellent service we provide our patients every day.

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Respect: We value the unique perspectives and abilities of all individuals.

At Park Dental, doctors inspire each other every day. Doctors learn from those more experienced, and doctors who have practiced for years renew their passion for learning through interactions with newer doctors.

We get great results because our doctors and team members listen to their patients and encourage each other to contribute their unique perspective and abilities. We make decisions by asking one question: What’s best for the patient?

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Value: We provide care that enhances the health and life of both patient and community.

We believe that the best value we can provide any patient is dental health for a lifetime. We’re here for you when you need us. We provide a full range of dental services, including emergency care, at convenient locations with extended hours.

Park Dental strives to be a good neighbor to our communities. Our activities include participating in health fairs, community events, and Children’s Dental Health Month; providing learning resources; volunteering; and teaching good dental hygiene at local schools and daycare centers.

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Integrity: We embrace the highest standard of fairness, honesty, and professionalism.

Our doctors chose the profession of dentistry because they are passionate about providing care for patients. We are doctor owned and led, and make our patient’s dental health our top priority.

Park Dental has a proven system of accountability and quality assurance that helps ensure your care is necessary and appropriate.

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Collaboration: We believe the dynamics and resources of group practice yield higher quality care and service.

Park Dental has a personal feel within a group setting. Group practice has benefits for everyone:

  • Knowledge sharing and camaraderie between peers in the same field enhances our ability to provide patients with excellent care
  • Second and third opinions that help ensure the best decisions for more complex treatments
  • Accountability and quality assurance standards that keep doctors striving for excellence
  • Professional development for all doctors and team members so that we are always learning how to be better at what we do

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Education: We are committed to lifetime learning and improvement.

Park Dental has a culture of continuous improvement. We routinely provide opportunities for professional growth so that everyone is enhancing their ability to provide quality care.

All doctors and team members are fully credentialed according to the requirements for their position and participate in continuing education throughout their careers. You can be confident that you will receive care from highly educated, well-trained professionals.

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