A Successful Partnership

Park Dental offers a balance of perspectives

Whether you want to spend more time with your patients and less time managing day-to-day business operations or are thinking about retirement, Park Dental provides everything you need for a successful practice transition.

Why should I choose Park Dental?

Who We Are

As a doctor-owned dental group, our patients are at the center of every decision we make.

What We Offer

As a professionally managed dental group, we have the resources during and after the affiliation process.

How We’re Different

Park Dental is dentist owned and managed by business professionals in every discipline – finance, human resources, IT, marketing and more.

A Smooth Transition

Dr. Harrison discusses moving from his own private practice to a partnership with Park Dental. He felt supported during the process and was confident his patients were receiving even better care and even more options than they had before.

A True Partnership

Dr. Kellee Stanton of Park Dental Yankee Doodle Road discusses her experience of transitioning her practices. “With Park Dental, I have a lot more support. It’s a true partnership. It gave me confidence that the transition was going to be right for our practice and right for our patients.”

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